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Cost estimate

A Request of the type "cost estimate" will be addressed separately only to you as the contractor. In contrast to the classic Request and Contract Requests, in which the items list are specified, in this case, you as the supplier independently create the items list. The sources available for this purpose are determined in advance by the client. The available sources are:


  1. Items list import (GAEB/Excel)

  1. Free text

  1. Contract

In a Request for Quotation" the following deviations from the price Request apply:

  1. It is only addressed to one supplier

  1. You as the supplier are the creator of the items list

  1. The tender can only be submitted with information on units (quantity 0 not possible)

Optionen für die Angebotserstellung im Kostenvoranschlag:

Optionen für die Angebotserstellung im Kostenvoranschlag

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