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Create, change, and delete users

Switch to the Users menu or to the tab of the same name in the company data. Here you can see all users listed in tabular form that have already been created.

Users of the company

With the help of the button "New" you can create another user.

Create a new user

Fill in all mandatory fields and save your entries. The new user will automatically receive his access data by e-mail to the e-mail address you have entered.

If you want to delete a user, select it, and click on the "Delete" button. The user is removed from the list.

If you want to change a user's data, select it, and click on the "Details" button or double-click on the user.

Finally, save your changes by clicking on the floppy button.

If the user has forgotten his password, you can send the user an e-mail to the entered e-mail address by clicking on the button "Create new password". It contains a password link, which allows the user to generate a new password.

Attention: For security reasons, the link is only valid for 20 minutes!

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