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Status of a request (RFQ)

A request goes through different states in FUTURA Engineering, which are described in the following table:




The request is at your disposal. A Quotation can be prepared or revised and transmitted to the client.


The deadline for submitting the request has expired. It is no longer possible to submit a Quotation.


The request has been cancelled by the client. It is not possible to submit a Quotation.

This status is also a filter criterion that is used to display the requests in the corresponding request list. For example, in the list for Running requests, only requests in the Status 'Running' are displayed.


The processing status indicates how far you have progressed in processing the request. The following statuses are managed:




not viewed

Not yet viewed

You have not yet opened the request.


You have already opened the request.


You have accepted the request and now have the opportunity to submit a Quotation.


You have rejected the request. You have decided not to make a Quotation.

As long as the rejected request is running, you can still accept it and make a Quotation.


You have submitted a Quotation for the request.


The client has made a modification to the items list of the running request. As a result, your already submitted Quotation is invalid. You must then change your Quotation and submit it again.


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