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Status of a service entry

Any number of service entry sheets can be created for an order. A service entry can be in one of the following statuses:




in process

The service entry has been created by you but has not yet been transmitted to the approver.

under verification

The service entry has already been submitted for verification.


The service entry was rejected by the approver. In this case, you receive the service entry back with or without corrected quantities. You can revise the entries and resubmit it to the approver.


The service entry was approved by the approver.


This status is also a filter criterion that is used to display the service journals in the corresponding service journal. For example, in the service entry Journals “in process” list, only service entries that are still to process are displayed.

Hint: You can only edit service entries that are in the "In preparation" or "Rejected" status.

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