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Details of a service line

By double-clicking on a service line, you can display the corresponding details. The details are divided into the three tabs "Cover sheet", "Long Text" and "service entries".

The tab "Cover sheet" contains all important information about the selected service. A detailed description can be found on the tab Long text.


Details window of a service line


Under the tab ""service entries" you get an overview of the extent to which the service has already been billed in previous entries.


Protocol of processed service lines


Details service entries:



Total price

% (Percentage)

  1. service entry

Quantity of 1. service entry

Total of the first service entry

Percentage of service entry

n.-service entries

Quantity of n. capture

Total of n-services

Percentage of n-services

n.-service entries

(with cumulative quantity input)

Cumulative quantity up to n.- entry. including the current entry

Cumulative GP up to n- service entry including the current entry

Cumulated. Percentage up to n. registration including the current service entry

Actual sum

Sum of the quantities already recorded, including the current entry

Sum of the total price already recorded, including the current entry

Already recorded service in percent, including the current entry

Target amount

Quantity ordered

Commissioned total

Percentage: 100%

Sum of total rest

The quantity still to be provided, which can be provided in the remaining entries up to the targeted quantity

Price that can still be billed in the remaining entries up to the targeted GP

Service still to be provided in percent



The sum remainder is only of interest to you if it is an order with planned services, i.e., you have received an order with service lines and order quantities from the customer.

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