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Create Service Entries

This tab manages your service entries. Service entries that have already been created are listed and sorted by "Consecutive number". Here you have the possibility to create for the first time or further service entries, to edit existing ones, to revise rejected ones or to delete existing ones.

You can create and edit any number of Service Entries for a purchase Order. To do this, open the desired Order and switch to the Service Entries tab.

You now have the option of creating further entries or editing or deleting existing ones.


The following rules apply in the service recording process:

  1. Any number of entries can be generated and transmitted to the client.

  2. The transmission of the entries can take place in any Order (only in the case of  non-cumulated quantity entry)

  3. The creation of free text lines is not possible for Orders without limit.

  4. Only entries that are in the status "in progress" or "rejected" can be edited.

  5. A final report can only be sent to the Approver if he has previously submitted all partial entries.

  6. The final entry can only be released by the Approver if all submitted partial entries have been released beforehand.

  7. After the final entry, no further entries can be generated.

Cumulative Quantity Input option:

The option "cumulative quantity input" can be used in the purchase Order. As a result, you have to enter the quantity cumulatively. This means that you must include quantities that have already been invoiced from previous entry sheets in the quantity of the current entry sheet. To what extent the option is active, you can see in the Order, tab "Header data":

Option Cumulative entry set

The option also affects the processing of Service Entries, the following additional framework conditions apply:

  1. Only one entry can be transmitted to the client at a time. The transmission of a new entry is only possible when the previous entry has been released. Otherwise, the button "Send to the reviewer" is blocked

  2. The sequence of entries (Order no.) must be observed during transmission.

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