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Maintain header data of a service entry

In the "Header data" area, fill in all required fields. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*). Then save your entries with the Save button.

Header data of a service entry

The following information is displayed in the "Header Data" area:




Here you can enter a text for the service recording

Consecutive no.

Automatic numbering of service recording

ext. service entry no.

You can enter your service entry number here

Service location

Entering the location of the service provided

Period of / until

Indication of the period in which the service was provided

Maintenance type

The type of maintenance (e.g., insured event, tenant burden, maintenance, etc.) is a criterion that you can use for a more detailed description of the recorded service.

Only selectable if the client has defined the types.

order number

order number


Displays the current status of the service entry

Created by

User who created the service entry

Created on

Date and time when the service entry was created

SAP entry sheet no.

service entries approved by the customer receive a number generated by SAP. If the FUTURA Engineering service entry has been divided into several service entry sheets in SAP for functional reasons, several SAP service entry no. displayed.

Final entry sheet

= Last service entry sheet

Select this option if this is the last entry for this purchase order and you do not want to create any further entries.


The approver who is to check this service recording is displayed here. As soon as you have sent the service recording, he will be automatically informed by e-mail.


If it is a limited order with contract assignment, contracts assigned to the order are also displayed here:

Contracts assigned to an order

With a mouse click on the link with the contract number, you can display the entire items list of the contract, including further information.

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