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Tab "Header data"

On the tab "Header data" you will find, among other things, information about the request:

The following information is displayed:




General section

Request no.

Unique Request number


Name of the request

Short description

Description field

With the help of the button  on the right, the text can be opened in an extra window. As a result, even longer text can be read clearly

Request Type

e.g., "Cost estimate"

Contact person

The contact person of the client for this request

Created by

User who created the request

Created on

Date when the Request was created


Status of the Request

Section „Submission deadline“

Submission deadline

Date and time

After reaching the deadline, the Request ends, the Request changes to the status "Closed" Thereafter, it is no longer possible to submit a quotation

Section “Delivery dates / Delivery address”

Start date

Start of service execution (delivery start)

End date

End of service execution (delivery end)

Name 1

Delivery address field

Name 2

Delivery address field


Delivery address field

Zip code

Delivery address field


Delivery address field

Delivery conditions

Delivery conditions defined by the client

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