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Tab “Items list”

On the tab "Items list", the items list of the request are displayed.

On the left you can see a folder tree in which the structure of the items list is displayed. The following elements can be depicted there:

Folder Color



1. Level


2. Level

request item

3. to 6. Level


Depending on which folder you have selected in the tree, the content of the folder is displayed on the right side of the table view. Service lines are represented only in the table.

Specifications of the items list

The following information is displayed in the table:



Reference no.

An atomic number of the items list: it is automatically assigned according to the order of the rows in the same folder.

Service no.

Unique number of a service line in the system

Short text

Short text of the service

Line type

Standard, Note (H), Reason (G), Alternative (A) and/or requisition line (B).


Quantity of the item


Unit of the item


Assignment number for Reason and Alternative item


If you want to display the details of a service line, double-click on the corresponding service line on the right side of the table. The details are spread across several tabs.

Details of a service line:

Details of a service line

Cover sheet: The details of a service line such as short text, quantity, unit, line type

Long text: View of the long text of a service line

Line types: Other properties that describe a service line in more detail

Line types: Line types are Standard, Note (H), Reason (G), Alternative (A) and/or requisition line (B)

Notice lines: Standardized or freely formulated descriptions that must be considered when pricing. They can refer to the entire items list, parts of the items list or individual service lines. It has neither quantity nor prices, so you cannot bill services on a notice line.

Alternative line: Describes an alternative execution to a basic line.

Line types: The demand line is a service that can be implemented if necessary.

Assignment number: Shows the assignment number for the basic and alternate lines.

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