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Tab “Messages”

Here you can send information about the request by message to the contact person of the request, who will receive the message by email. Likewise, the function can also be used by the contact person of the request. Thus, a messaging system is available to you, which supports you in the communication with the client.


The table displays the following information about a message, among others:




Short description up to 80 characters long

Message type

e.g., malfunction, completion, question etc.


Message body text box


= Author

User (supplier or client) who created the message


= Recipient

 User (supplier or client) who receives the message

Created on

Date/time of message creation


A message can be opened in a pop-up window via double-click.



To create a new message:

As soon as the request has been started (status = Running), you can send messages to the contact person of the request. To create a new message, click on the "New" button. The following window opens:


Example of message to the purchaser

You can select a message type if available (for example, fault, completion, question, date - if any have been defined by the client). When you click on "Send", the message is sent to the contact person by e-mail. The message cannot be changed afterwards.

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