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Tab "Quotations"

On the tab Quotations your created Quotation is listed. If you have submitted several Quotations, the last submitted one will be displayed. The preparation and submission of a Quotation is described here:

Create a quotation


Quotation list for a Request

The following information is displayed:




Submitted sum

Display of the submitted total of the quotation


The following statuses are possible:

In preparation: You have created the Quotation but have not yet sent it to the client.

You can delete the quotation.

Offered: The quotation has been sent to the client.

Invalid: Due to a change in the items list on the part of the client, your submitted quotation became invalid and must now be revised by you and sent to the client again. 


If a Quotation has been ordered, the Order no. is displayed


Display of the paper clip icon if you have uploaded attachments to your listing. Number of attachments in brackets, e.g.,

Submitted on

Date/time of the last submitted quotation

Created by

Name of the user who submitted the last quotation.


Below you will find an overview of the functions on the tab "Quotations":




Updates the contents of the list.


Opens the quotation in a new window. Alternatively, double-click on the quotation line

 Create a quotation

To create a quotation

 Delete quotation

To delete a quotation

 Save Layout

To  save your changes to the table layout settings (including: column display, Order, and sorting)

 Reset Layout

To reset ALL set layout settings back to factory settings


Export des Angebots als GAEB x83, x84 oder nach MS Excel



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